USS Midway

ANZAC Day 2014

Each Anzac Day becomes more poignant to me due to Anthony’s 3 deployments to the Middle East in the last 9 years, and my own grandparents (on both sides) involvement in World War II. Our family involvement extends back to World War I as well. Anzac Day provides me the opportunity to reflect on the contributions others have made to enable my family to have the amazing and fortunate life we lead today.

Due to the number of Australian and New Zealand contingent based in San Diego, there is an Anzac Day Service held each year which is organised by the service members in San Diego and the Consul Generals for both Australia and New Zealand.

It felt like a cold spring/winter Melbourne morning on the flight deck of the decommissioned (now museum) Ex-USS Midway where the service was held ( . It was honestly one of the coldest days we have had since we arrived in January. It was very different to see all the men in their white uniforms instead of the usual black that they would be normally wearing if they were home in Australia. I have to say that white ceremonials are certainly the smartest of the their long list of outfits!

Each of the families here had contributed to the day, whether it have been through baking ANZAC biscuits, making rosemary pins for each person attending through to men who marched and formed the guard at the bow of USS Midway. I felt very honored to have been asked to read at the ceremony. Overall it was a wonderful day. The guys were able to head out after and enjoy some of the more traditional Australian ANZAC Day activities.