Farewell Sydney

We have often spoken about the opportunity of being posted overseas, however there was always a part of us that thought that it may never happen. So when we did find out there was a sense of shock and absolute pure excitement. I never forget when Anthony called. I was standing with friends watching our kids play in the deep puddles which had developed on the Waverley Oval in June/July of 2013. In between being excited and crying I was also trying to ensure that the boys did venture any further into the disgusting putrid water. The conversation was very quick as Anthony was literally about to loose signal. So with very little detail except that we would be moving to San Diego in January 2014, I began calling our friends and parents.

Over the next few months there was a lot to organised, all made a little more challenging with one of us being at sea! However, we did it (obviously) and left our much loved Sydney on the 1st of November. It was a very sad day, but also we felt relief as we had been working towards it for some time. We had moved to Sydney at the end of 2003 – from two different cities to be together, it was a big ask but obviously it worked it. So nearly 10 years to the day we left but we have no doubt we will be back. Sydney does feel like our home even though we are far from our families and some of our friends. But over the ten years we have met some amazing people, and people who are very important to us and the boys.

We decided to leave Sydney in November as Anthony would not be home until December. Thankfully Mum and Dad have a big enough house, and were willing to take on the boys and I for an extended period of time! It also meant that we could be close to our friends and family in Melbourne whom we don’t spend as much time with as we like.

It took us a full week to get the house packed, stored and cleaned up. Thankfully Robin and Carolyn were able to be with us. I am not sure what we would have done without them to be honest. Throw in a good old bout of gastro which knocked us all for six… it certainly made for an interesting week. But, between Carolyn keeping the boys entertained and Robin virtually repainting the house, we did it and even managed to fit in a couple of last swims.


This is on our last day in Sydney at Sculptures of by the Sea. It is an amazing outdoor event along the cliffs of Bronte to Bondi. It is something which Ant and I have always loved and looked forward to each November.