Being Three

Wow, being three is tough work! Where did those last three years go – I now truly understand when people say to me, just enjoy the time with the
boys as it will be gone before you know it. Being three is all about counting and waiting for the next birthday. We seem to be in birthday season here and the boys are always trying to count on their fingers their age (holding up three fingers is tricky)and when can they have their birthday again! They have already started getting out the Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake book in readiness for next year – the shortlist at the moment is a turtle for Sam and a fairy cake for Jack.

The boys had a fantastic birthday. It was a holiday on their actual birthday so we took the boys to the zoo and met friends there. The boys love the zoo so it was a great way to spend the morning – we ended the morning with singing happy birthday to the boys and sharing a box full of donuts with our friends. The main party was the week after. After many late nights baking and getting organized, the day arrived. We were so lucky to have Jack’s godmother Meagan, Calum, Lily (my god daughter) and Alexandra with us to share the day – and also help out! Meagan is a cake decorating, baking, cup cake cooking master! So she was set to work straight away with icing the cakes and generally getting things sorted while the boys took the kids out on the boat.

The boys had a rest while we did the final preparations for the party. We organized a bouncy castle for the kids which was set up on the back garden – it was definitely a highlight for Jack and Sam! We felt so fortunate to have so many old and new friends to celebrate the boys birthday. It was fantastic to see the excitement on their faces as they really didn’t remember their last birthday. Even after much discussion about the cakes Anthony and I decided on two number three cakes. Sam wanted a lady bug cake and Jack an octopus cake – so we improvised with a red with brown M&Ms for Sam and an M&M rainbow cake
for Jack. Thankfully they didn’t seem to notice that they were not exactly what they requested! They were just happy to pick off all the chocolate.

We all had a great afternoon and evening and finally succumbed to bed at 9  that night once a the chocolate and sugar had worn off.

Happy birthday our  gorgeous boys, now we are asked every day when their next birthday is!


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