21Ks Done!

I have made a promise to myself to make sure this blog gets updated more regularly – and not have a month between events happening and me blogging! So this is my first attempt! This time I am only 9 days overdue… so thats an improvement isn’t?

Over the last few months I have really begun to enjoying my running and pushing the distances that I have been doing. I am certainly not too serious about it, but I do get a real buzz out of setting new distance and time challenges. So since we have arrived I have completed a 10k and a 15k, so the obvious next step was to do a 21 k/half marathon. I have to say that half marathon sounds so much further than 21 ks!

In April, I decided to sign up to San Deigo ‘Rock N Roll’ Half Marathon ( In my usual way, I didn’t really look at the date – except that it was in June. That seemed ok, until I realized that it was the weekend after we returned from the UK! Certainly not ideal training for such a long run! Anyway, it was too late by then. Before I had signed up for the run, I set myself the aim of running 18ks. A couple of my friends who have run half marathons said that in the lead up to their runs, they did not run pass 18ks. I decided that if I could run 18ks in a reasonable time and not feel too horrible afterwards I could do a half. So early one Sunday morning I set off while the rest of the house was still asleep. I surprised myself in running the 18ks – it was a nice cool and cloudy day and I was done by 8:00 am. So that was it… now I had to sign up!

After a couple of short runs while we were in the UK (another blog post follow sorry!) and one longer one a few days before the run, I felt that I had done as much as I could before the event – certainly not ideal though! I was thankful that I was also going to be meeting my friends Sarah and Claire at the start. Sarah and I had decided that we would try and run as much of it together as we are of a similar pace.

It was such a great atmosphere – as the name suggest ( there were bands every other mile of so. There were also so many people lining the streets supporting everyone as they ran past. I have to say though… 21 ks.. or 13.1 miles, is quite boring, even with a friend running with you! Sarah and I ran together until the 10 mile mark where I knew I had overdone it. I had to stop and have a minute to recover. But the strange thing was that my body wouldn’t let me! After over and hour and a half of running my body still had the running motion – similar to being on a boat for awhile! I was so determine to keep going though – this was such a goal for me! So I got back up and slowed myself down a little and kept going. The course was similar to the 15 k run I had recently done – except there were thankfully less hills. It was a relief to know at the 11┬ámile mark there would be nice long down hill run to the finish line.

Finally the end was in sight. I have to say that it took all my will to keep going. It was certainly one of the most challenging things I have done. Once I finished I have to admit that I found a piece of ground and just sat down had to have a few minutes to my self before I found Anthony and the boys. The whole experience obviously did not traumatize me enough.. as I have started thinking about the next half marathon – but I have also had the realization that I have absolutely no interest in a marathon!