Road Tripping in the RV

We are very fortunate that the kids grandparents love to visit! Robin and Carolyn joined us in March and April (Carolyn is actually still here!). While Kate and I could not travel we decided that it should not stop Anthony and the boys from seeing more of this great country. We have been talking about an RV trip for some time (and still hope to squeeze in another one or two) – so thought that it would be a good time to take advantage of the grandparents and hit the road together while Kate and I kept the home fires burning so to speak!

So we have a guest writer today! Many of you will be already on the end of some of Carolyn’s emails, she is such a fantastic writer – and so here is her overview of the trip. Before I begin, I just wanted to point out that this whole trip was based around Anthony’s need to go to the Hoover Dam.

Well here we are overlooking Lake Mead surrounded by craggy mountains this is the holding tank for the Hoover Dam.     We have Ant, Jack, Sam, Robin and Carolyn on board our 26’ RV (Recreational Vehicle to the uninitiated!) sadly we had to leave Kate and Clare at home as Kate had hospital appointments and lots of feeding at night.

Ant is designated driver as Robin isn’t insured, Robin is navigator (GPS button pusher) Carolyn child entertainer!   Clare had done a week’s victualling for us so we’re self sufficient with loo, shower and hot water, microwave, oven, central heating (seriously) air con.   Even the sewage tank has a heater in case we’re in the snow! – we want for nothing.   A mere 5½ hour drive to Las Vegas from San Diego on Highway 15.   Not long before we were in the desert with miles and miles of moon scape scrub and cacti and surrounded by craggy mountains.

Checked into our RV park on the outskirts of Vegas – very different from Aussie  camp sites with grass and trees – all concrete but a good pool and excellent facilities – you go into a separate all in one shower, loo and basin, very nice but not so efficient as a shower block.   Most people seem to use their RV’s for ablutions.   It was extremely windy and dust blowing everywhere – it was crunchy in our mouths  and blow me down (excuse pun) if it didn’t jolly well start raining ( never rains in Vegas!)  We had to swim as the pool was heated but once in, no one wanted to get out!

We ubered into Vegas and the quote of the day has to be the driver saying he was worried about the pollen count with all the wind – I looked around and couldn’t see a plant in sight but I’m sure the cacti in the surrounding desert must have been giving off something!   Vegas is Vegas and very glad to have seen it, concrete and glitzy  and it suddenly starts appearing out of the desert – the boys were amazing coping with walking around, it’s a fine line judging how far you can go as you know you have to retrace your steps and it could mean carrying 2 heavy lumps!

There is an amazing children’ museum  near Vegas so Ant took the boys and said it was brilliant.   R and I opted for a shopping trip – usually it’s the last thing R wants to do but couldn’t keep him away from the clearance rails!   On to our Hoover Dam stop by Lake Mead – perfect position overlooking the lake – did the tour of the dam this morning – you can only marvel at this feat of engineering.   They took us 600’ down to the base of the dam to see the turbines.

Next to us there is an RV with 8 young people in their 30’s having a Spring break holiday together – they have been so welcoming to the boys chatting and playing with them and letting the boys put their precious wood on their fire.   Wood is precious as it has to be carried in.  I wondered whether they would be so keen on us at 6am when the boys wake up!   We all expected party noise last nice but they  were as quiet as mice.

Grand Canyon was all it’s jacked up to be – just marvellous – Ant was too nervous to do a long walk around the rim with the boys in case they couldn’t make it back so R and I set off on a trek, perfect time as the sun was beginning to set and showed it off perfectly.   We’d seen quite a bit of snow as we’d driven there and it’d been -8C the night before so we gave in and had the heater on in the van as snow was forecast.

Thank you Carolyn!

It was so lovely to have them all home again – Kate and I are both very excited to see the RV pull in.