Coronado Valentines

Thirty Year Storm and high temperatures

Yes, literally, we have experienced the thirty year storm in Coronado. It generally does not rain here, and when it does it makes the front page. So when ‘the storm’ was being reported on in the local and national papers we were bracing ourselves! The reality is, we now live in a dessert, not that you could tell by the green lawns around us, but you can tell by the slightly strange tasting water, which I was ready for after three months in Ballarat.

Having lived in Sydney for the last ten years, I have grown used to, and enjoyed a good storm. That was until the boys, where rain and storms cause a personal melt down (mine.. not the boys!). The boys are very active and out door  kids, so the thought of being inside with them for a day or so sends shivers down my spine.. especially when the day starts at 0515 in the morning.

Anyway, the day of the storms arrived, with it came high temperatures… the boys that is. They both were not well at all and were relegated to the couch! Thankfully they have recently discovered the movies ‘Cars’, so between napping and watching Cars were go through the first day. As for the storm… I was still waiting, while it was raining, it was a storm. The local council set up a ‘sand bag corner’ for people to pick up sandbags for their properties – a little extreme I thought! However, this is a town where it hardly rains, so the infrastructure to cope with anything more than a light shower is not in place – we don’t even have guttering on our house.

Overnight on the Thursday it certainly was heavier rain, the boys by this stage were still not well, so we had another day of Cars! I am now a ‘Mater’ fan and can’t help but say “Sally” when I see a Porsche go by! I was getting cabin fever by this stage! Thankfully it was the weekend. Whilst the boys were not 100% better we decided to head out. It was only then that we realised that the ‘thirty year storm’ had really hit. Many of the roads we crossed to get off the island were flooded. Most of the houses here also back onto rear lane, this seems to provide a natural draining system – so people were utilising the sandbags to stop the water from entering their garages.

By day three of the wet weather we decided to brave the wet roads and venture out. When we first arrived we spent a fantastic day at Balboa Park ( which is amazing place to visit and keep on visiting – it is where the San Diego Zoo is. One of the places on our list after our first visit was the San Diego Air and Space Museum (

We have found that museums and other attractions here are very family friendly – and are priced that way as well. Children under three are free.  Behind the turnstiles the museum starts off as a hallway of fame recognising significant figures in the history of air travel (of little interest to the little ones) before opening up into a wonder of aircraft on the ground and suspended from the ceiling.

The boys had a ball pointing out various parts of the planes and sitting for 30 seconds or so to watch each of the various video displays. The highlight for the boys was the ‘Robinson Helicopter’ like their Papa’s which they were able to climb in and out of. They also enjoyed the children’s play room full of interactive science experiments including computer flight simulators, a pedal plane and the ability for the kids to ‘fly’ a fully operational plane in a wind tunnel.

We also took the opportunity to try the free cinema to watch a short presentation on aviation history. What we didn’t fully appreciate was this the cinema was a 4D ‘experience’, which we quickly came to realise as the seats moved about, fans blew and jets of water and air squirted us. While being a little shocked (as were we!) the boys seemed to enjoy it with Sam keen for more but Jack declaring it as being a ‘bit scary’.

So, we survived the 30 year storm, along with two sick boys!

Postscript.. poor Sam ended up having an ear infection!

Jack taking off

Jack taking off

Robinson R44 - getting some practice

Robinson R44 – getting some practice


Happy Valentines Day … now run!

I would not call myself an exercise freak, and over the past two years, exercising has been restricted to one pilates class a week, and mummy boot camp which we spent more time running after the kids and of course looking after the boys. So coming to Coronado has given me the opportunity to get back into running!

While at Mum and Dad’s in Ballarat I was able to get a run or two in around Lake Wendouree which was great and I was able to track my progress with the nike application. Coronado is great as it is as flat at the lake in Ballarat – but with many more ks to run. A few of the girls here, who are also from Australia, run regularly as well so I have crashed into their running group.

The week we arrived, I picked up the local newspaper and within it was advertised the Coronado Valentines 10k run. All sounded really good, however I had never run 10k’s! So the other girls and I decided that we would enter the fun run. This then started the training program .. which involved a couple of runs a week with more talking than distance being done!

The day arrived, and after a slight zumba injury we were off and running, minus Liz who was off skiing. I have to say it was such an achievement when Michelle and I ran over the finish line after 10ks. The dad’s had brought the kids down and it was great for to see them at the finish line.

So, this has started a new interest for me. It seems as though there is a fun run here most weekends! We are booked in for a ‘mud run’ in June with a couple more in between.

Maybe there is even a half marathon in me?

End of the race!

End of the race!

With the kids

With the kids