Life is a beach

The last few days here in sunny Coronado have been extra sunny and extra warm! It has a lovely feel in the air Рthat feeling of the beginning of summer that I remember from growing up in Ballarat. But instead of the heat extending into the night, it has been cooling down enough to sleep well and for the house to cool down. The boys and I have taken full advantage of the weather and have been exploring our local beach which is literally at the end of the street. The only challenge is the 300-400 metre walk across the sand to get to the beach.  Oh, and did I mention that the water is freezing! Not that it is a concern for the boys.

The weather however, has put the locals in a bit of a spin. It is very early for the heat to arrive here, and the temperatures we are experiencing are very high even for the summer months here. It is very dry heat with bursts of the Santa Ana winds ( The temperature was so high for here, that they even declared a heat day at the local schools. Parents were advised that they could pick their children up from noon and take them home. I suspect many parents left the kids at school as at least it is air conditioner there – houses are on the island are generally not air-condition – another indication that it does not get as hot here as it does in Australia. I remember all those summers getting stuck to the plastic chairs at school when it was hot!


The heat is certainly keeping people inside – while we are outside! We virtually had the beach to ourselves yesterday, it was actually quite eery.. when we were at the beach in the morning I think it would have been about 30 degrees (celsius), so whilst it was warm, it was not extremely hot by our Australian standards. I just kept thinking how busy Bondi and Bronte would be on a similar day. The normal Coronado weather of low to mid 20’s will return this weekend. I can’t say I have not disliked these last few days, they have been rather nice!


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