So, this blog has been talked about, thought about and researched for….. hmmm lets think and be honest, since we found out we would be moving to sunny Coronado which was back in July 2013. Now that is scary, thats a lot of procrastinating! But, now it is at least here, in some form, and how the form will undoubtedly change in the coming days, months and years is anyones guess.

About me….. I am a thirty-five year old Australian woman living in sunny Southern California for the next three years with my three boys. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, friend and the list goes on. I feel incredibly fortunate to be embarking on this next great adventure with my family in America.

I decided that I wanted to start a record of these next three years so we can look back on the time to remind us of all the adventures we had together as a family. I hope that it can also be used as a tool for others when looking at travelling in America (or where ever else we may go) with young children.

In the end, I think this will become a general place for my observations, thoughts, recommendations and tidbits about life here in sunny Southern California – with some recipes and photos thrown in for good measure.

So welcome to sunny Coronado, our little piece of home for the next three years. Please come and visit this site regularly so you can see what we are up too – I am sure there will be times where it is quiet and the day to day musings of twin two year old boys is not all that interesting, however I hope some of our travels make for good reading.



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